There is no higher level of satisfaction, than that which I get from reading about the positive feedback from buyers and sellers just like you.

Watch or Read some of my testimonials. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do.


True believer

As I said before, you did it before and will do it again, as in selling my home and assisting with my purchase. Your diligence, professionalism and keen sense of people and situations is rare and I truly appreciate working with you and your team. I will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone.
Joanne King


Finally a Realtor who actually cares

I really appreciate that you took some time off your busy schedule to call me and find out how I was doing¦Good to know that there is a realtor who makes an effort to educate both buyers and sellers. Usually they are all about their business (just publishing their flyers)¦.Hoping you are really busy buying and selling real estate.
Mr. Bains


Realtor turned friend

I met Mohamed through friends and watched very closely to his actions as I don’t like common / salepeople at all. I don’t like the lies most use to gain your sale! But every time I said to myself “he won’t do that or remember that ” I was proved wrong! The day came that my handicap mom said she didn’t want to stay in her town house alone anymore and wanted to move from Newton to Chilliwack where the rest of the family was Mohamed came to mind. I was working 6 days a week and 10 hrs a day so it was bad timing for me, but Mohamed was more then flexible to help get Mom happily to her new home. The odd after hours meeting and or phone call helped me with my work load and it got done her house sold now she needed to be moved to a care home in Chilliwack ,Mohamed offered to me as a private help to my Mom and found a mover and set everything up for me and her so there was no stress on her what so ever. How do you THANK someone for that kind of service and I’m not yet done with this story…one last detail to date. Mohamed brought to the attention of the family that there had been moneys paid by Mom for “leaking Condo” repair and that in case anything was to come back we should get the lawyer to draw up an agreement that anything returning to the condo owner should come to Mom. We did . By the way one other thing Mom became sick at the time she and her things were moving out to Chilliwack and he found for her a lawyer who would come to her bed side to sign paperwork – not many will. We lost Mom in 2008 six months after the move. And who is still coming to help her … Mohamed has never forgotten a thing and on one of his friendly calls asked how that all went and so I said I’d check and sure enough the lady living in Mom’s old place had received two returned checks . So I went to her and she wasn’t very warm to me about it but again with Mohamed there with copies of Lawyer names and sales document we recovered an extra $3000.00 to the estate that I would have forgotten. Now you tell me Who would you like working on your side ??? I’ll never forget the help you gave – the warm smiles and ease you gave a very worried old lady. Mom told me,” the only answer he ever says to me is, “I’ll take care of that for you”, he’s the nicest young man !… next to you dear of course ! And A very big “THANKS” to the man that just, gets it done : “Mohamed Mansour*” And doesn’t stop just because the house got sold , he’s made me feel like a party of his real estate family – like – No not like , but he would help me with anything that was possible for him to help with and I know there would be a smile there to go with it. Some of my friends aren’t that good to me!
Brad Wiebe


Marketing Genius

I was impressed right from the very first meeting with Mohamed’s professionalism, knowledge, and his confidence in getting my home sold. Over the years, being in real estate myself, I have dealt with numerous realtors, none of whom can match Mohamed’s marketing genius. In one of the toughest sellers’ markets in a decade, Mohamed and his team were still able to sell my home, and do it quickly. For anyone seeking quality, integrity, action and results in a realtor, without reservation I give Mohamed my highest recommendation.
Rick Fischer


Thank you so much

Mohamed… What a ride!! Enjoy your success. You are an amazing man with so much to offer our world!
Mrs. Carrol


Could not have done it without your help

Thank you for all your HARD work in putting the deal together on 156Ave. Was great working with a professional realtor.


Unprecedented Professionalism

Nice working with you and appreciate your professionalism and the way you conduct your business.
Royal LePage Realtor



Yes we found our new home in spite of very tight time lines and budget! The single most important factor of our successful search was the professionalism, work ethic and patience displayed by Mohamed Mansour*. Mohamed took the time prior to starting our search to clearly identify what our needs, expectations and limitations were and to explain the process as well as what we could expect during the search. His efforts continued after we found our new home insuring that the details of the inspection, assessment, and legal needs were taken care of. I have purchased several homes in my life but this was probably the most difficult given the market and our needs. I am sure that without Mohamed’s skilled handling of this search from beginning to end we would not have been successful in achieving such wonderful results. Thank you Mohamed Lorna, Rick, Lisa and Timothy
Lorna, Rick, Lisa and Timothy