Once Upon A Time


Written By: Buffini & Co


People felt homeownership was a goal easily in reach...


But today, half of us feel it's not possible.


What if there was another story?


For those of you with equity, there's a way you can help your family build generational wealth with the purchase of a home. For those of you not yet on the real estate ladder, there are steps you can take to begin building your own generational wealth.


Real estate as a generational wealth builder

  • 66% of Canadians own their own home
  • Real estate equals 55% of average household wealth
  • 73% believe homeownership is the best investment

Using your equity to leave a legacy

  •  Help your kids or grandkids move to a better neighbourhood.
  • A mortgage is a forced savings account.
  • A monthly mortgage means they have skin in the game.
  • Impact your family today rather than plan for an inheritance later.

I have home equity - now what?

  • Talk to your spouse or partner so you're both on board with the plan.
  • Talk to your child, grandchild or family member to gauge their goals, interests and needs.
  • Meet with a qualified financial professional to make sure all legal and financial obligations are met. Possible options to research include gifts, loans, leases or trusts.

I'm just starting out on the journey

  • Improve your credit score by paying down debt as soon as you can.
  • Don't take on any unnecessary major expenses such as a new vehicle, appliance, or vacation.
  • Talk to a qualified mortgage professional to get pre-approved so you're ready when the time is right.