Personalized Market Report -PMR


Mansour Real Estate Group’s Personalized Market (“PM”) report is designed to help shed some clarity on the real estate market as it pertains to your type of home and your community.

To better understand the implications of this report on your current home and your real estate
goals, please contact us and we would happy to be of service.

Unlike newspapers, radio, and even real estate board stats that aggregate data this PM report includes both a SnapStats Report and a Landcortm Report. Both of these reports are SPECIFIC to your type of home. E.g. Aggregate Surrey housing sales data might show a -5% drop in sales month over month but Fleetwood homes that have 5 bedrooms or more would actually be up

SnapStats ™ Report: Contains the coveted and vital Sales Ratio statistic used by Realtors and analysts to determine which communities and type of products are experiencing a Seller’s Market or Buyer’s Market as well as shows the ODDS of your home selling today and at what price band.

Landcor ™ Report: Specifically created for your property by an independent company, this report uses traditional appraisal methodology with proprietary algorithms to create a best guest valuation of your property based on available records** **Please note that there is often a variance between Landcor’s valuation and that of the markets and this report should only be used for information purposes only. Nothing beats the advice and experience of a professional Realtor to properly and accurately assess the value of your home and any features or upgrades you may have done